Dive Computer Reviews

How to Choose a Dive Computer

Dive Computer  is consider by many scuba divers as one of the most important piece of scuba gear. This is because they allow you to extend your bottom time and safety wile scuba diving.

Since their inspection in the early 80′s, dive computers has been change the way we dive.

Before dive computers, you would have to base you bottom time on the maximum depth you were going to dive to.  Scuba diving computer changed this significantly by  taking account of bottom time based on multilevel diving.

Today,  they can give you updates constantly on how much time you have remaining, based on your current depth.  This allowed you to safely for longer period of time with significantly shorter safety stops.

How to Choose a Dive Computer

This short video from the guys over at Leisurepro.com goes over the different types and styles of dive computer, and how to select the best one for  you.

Scuba Diving Computer Reviews

Don’t buy a new dive computer until your read reviews and ratings  of the best dive computers available out there.  The guys over at divecomputerhq.com has researched and review many to the top dive computer from all of the top brands. You can also find  a buyers guide and comparison chart to make your choice that much easier.

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