how to find a dive shop

How to Select a Dive Shop for Your Next Dive Trip

Finding the right dive shop can make the world of difference if you have a good or bad dive trip. Many times, as a new scuba diver, you might not know exactly what question to ask when contact an operator for you dive trips.

Below is a view questions that you should as you dive center when trying to signing up for a dive trips.

What is the Maximum number of divers to take out on your dive Boat?

To be honest there are no right answer to this one, it basically comes down to your personal preference.

The reason why you should as this questions thou is to find out whats best for your comfort level and your diving skills.

Let’s say that the dive center only books 8 divers per boat, then it means that you would have a more personal experience and more attention if you’re just starting out than if there were say 20 divers on the boat.

What is the level of Divers to You Cater do? and What Level is Expected for The Dive I am Doing?

This is a very important questions to as because if you are a novice diver you don’t want to dive a and advance profile, which is tailored to more harden scuba divers.

The contrary is true as well. You as an advance don’t want to be stuck on a dive at 40 feet because of the novice divers.

How do You Manage Your Bottom Time? What are your policy on Bottom Time?

When choosing and dive operator it is always important to  know how they will gauge your bottom time on the dive.

You might find that many operators would allow you to dive your own schedule, while others operators would require all divers to come up at the same time.

The reason why you need to as this questions is because it can be very frustrating when you are good on air, and  you have to come you after 15 min because of an “Air Hog”.

Is there a fist aid kit and Oxygen on Board the Boat?

You want to be be sure this safety measure is strictly enforced. If they don’t have, it is a red flag, that they are not very safety mined, and you should avoid diving with them.

What is You Cancellation Policy?

It is always good to know a dive centers cancellation Policy, especially if you booked your trip well in advance.  Many dive companies would give you 1 – 3 days to cancel with us any penalties.

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